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  Santa Pola has an ancient connection with fishing. During last century it became the first fishing port of the Spanish Mediterranean. In the 21st century the proffesional fleet has decreased, but the Santa Pola fish market (“lonja”) is one of the most important of the Mediterranean Sea, and a big amount of boxes of fish are sold here at auction every day. The nautical activity is very important also, with the port of the yacht club (Club Náutico Santa Pola) and a sports marina (Marina Miramar). 

  On the other hand, here are many people keen on fishing with rod from shore and from rock piers, but nowadays to catch fish in this way is really difficult, due the overfishing. So, the best option is to fish with boat, where overfishing is also obvious, but with clear opportunities with the adequate knowledges.

  And this summer we did it, with Santa Pola Sport Fishing, with Aad Van Der Linden at he head. He speaks Dutch, English and a little Spanish. Aad works from May till middle November, although the whole year is possible to spinning and jigging. From May till the end off August with fishing deep, ground fishing, (dentex/denton, sea bass/lubina). From September till middel November, trolling to fish on bacoreta/small tuna, bonito, lampuga/maih maih. He also fishing squids in the evening.

Santa Pola Sport Fishing Video
Santa Pola Sport Fishing Video

The Captain
  The boat is a Consul Sea Fox 257 with two outboards engines off 175 each, with all the equipment (satellite telephone, ais maps, radar, fish finder, and also all the fishing gear: rods, rapala's, lures, spinners, bait, etc). It can have 6 persons at the boat total included the driver of the boat.

boat detail
The boat
boat detail
The boat

  The price start at €75 per person, at least need 4 persons at the boat, to fish squids in the evening,  from 19:00 hour till 22:30

  At the day there are different fishing trips. The first trip starts at 8h in the morning till 14h., going about 5 miles out of the coast,  fishing with trolling , jigging and spinning. Price € 100 per person.

  Second trip: going 10 miles out of the coast and doing deep fishing, trolling, and jigging. From 8 in the morning till 14,30h. The price is €125 per person.

  Third trip: going towards Torrevieja and La Manga. From 7h. till 17h. with deep fishing and jigging. Price €160 per person.

  In all the prices are included gasoline, license, all the equipment for the fishing, and drinks.

Enjoying in the Mediterranean Sea.
Enjoying in the Mediterranean Sea
In our case we chose to fish bacoreta and small fish. We didn´t get a great catch mainly because we went to fish in August and bacoreta season begins in September, but it was enough for a barbacue. But we really had a great day and enjoyed a lot, with a splendid sea. The boat is very comfortable and perfectly mainteined. And Aad was always attentive with everything and very helpful. Seeing Aad along the day, we felt that for him sailing and fishing is a hobby more than a work.

Aad´s courtesy
Aad´s phone: 694 400 798
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