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Fossar street 20
The entrance to the La Marmita

"El Raval" is a small and quiet neighbourhood in Elche, next to the city center, full character and history. You can arrive in 4 or 5 minutes walking from the city hall. This district was founded in the 13th century by the muslims, after the christians retook Elche, from the point where a arquebus shot arrived from the city walls. Nowadays their streets mantein the characteristics of the first times, and they are narrow and have irregular layout. To park in El Raval is very difficult, I don't recommend you to try it. It's better to arrive by foot.

 "La marmita", also called " La marmita de vegetapa", an ecologic and vegetarian bar, is in Fossar street number 20. It's a cosy place with few tables, a perfect place for veggies and for healthy food lovers.

La Marmita 1

The meals are vegan (100% vegetarian), and the owners work under the "Slow Food" concept. This is an international movement, alternative to fast food, that strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages local farming and  sustainable foods.

In "La marmita" you can find daily menus (9.50 , except 11.50 weekends)with appetizer, ecologic bread, 2 courses, dessert, coffee or infusion. If you don't feel like one dish, you can choose other option. These menus include for example lentils with vegan chorizo, vegetarian lasagne, scallop of mushrooms, pepper with seitan and vegan cream, broccoli croquettes, tomatoes stuffed of quinoa and pesto, or vegetarian paella. At the weekend are available tapas, and also they offer the option of take away.

La Marmita 2


Wednesday, 13.00 to 16.00h.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 13.00 to 16.00h, and 20.00 to 23.00h.
Sunday, 13.00 to 16.00h.


A weekend menu

daily menu
A daily menú

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