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        While artichokes (“alcachofas” in Spanish) may not be the easiest food to consume, eating this extraordinary vegetable well worth it, because indeed it has different healthy substances and very few calories, and it can be delicious. Most people’s favorite part of the artichoke is the heart, but the leaves are actually the source of a vast majority of its health benefits.
The artichoke is the immature flower of a thistle family plant and it is known as one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in the world. Artichokes were originated in the Mediterranean, their main farming area. In this part of Southeast of Spain they are very usual, and the best seasons for the artichoke are autumn, winter and spring.

Grilled artichokes ("alcachofas a la plancha")
Grilled artichokes ("alcachofas a la plancha")
They can't be eaten in its raw form, and if you've never eaten an artichoke before, this strange vegetable may present some challenges when you try to prepare it.

However, it´s very easy to find many recipes on the Internet, but if you are on holidays here, maybe it´s a good tip to taste it in a restaurant. I prefer the grilled one "a la plancha", but you can also eat it in omelets, fried, baked, boiled, or filled with ham or dried fruits.

artichokes with ham
Artichokes with ham

artichoke chips
Artichoke chips

Filled artichokes
Filled artichokes

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