Tuesday, 24 September 2013

COCA: Traditional bakery in the mediterranean coast.

  The word “coca” is used in the Spanish Mediterranean coast to name several types of traditional bakery, very easy to find, generally salty but also sweet (for example, the “Coca boba” sponge cake).
 The more popular is named simply “coca” or “coca salada”, so antique that nobody knows which one its origin.  It´s made of wheat flour, olive oil and salt, and in some bakeries it´s also added pig lard to the mass. On its surface it has small bobbles made of the same mass, and it may have a small slice of dry salted sardine. It´s delicious when is recently baked, and is very usual in picnic lunches. Coca is very appreciated here, because is very traditional and cheap (one piece costs between 1€ and 1.15€ ) .
“coca salada”,
At any bakery you can also find other different kinds of salty cocas:
Stuffed cocas (“cocas rellena”), have tomato sauce with vegetables, or peas, or tuna fish. Vegetables coca (“cocas de verdura”), are similar to the pizza, but older and made with rectangular shape, and the pieces are cut rectangular too. Red and green pepper, onion, and aubergine are the main ingredients. A piece of any of them costs between 1.20 and 1.50€.
vegetable coca
Photos courtesy  of  “La Espiga de Oro”.


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