Thursday, 14 February 2013


In the city center of Elche, two minutes walking from Town Hall, you can find in Empedrat street a special and unique bar: Casa Villalobos. Since 1932,  its eternal specialty are the appetizers and traditional tuna, anchovy and tomato baguette. It´s one of the oldest bars of the city, and currently is managed by the third generation of Villalobos family.

The place is small and old looking, with a few tables. It has the same appearance that it had many years before, and inside it seems that time has stopped. It usually have also tables outside, in a quiet pedestrian street. 

In Villalobos the menu is very short ,only a few appetizers and baguettes (tinned tuna or sardines, ham, cheese, or a spicy pork sausage called “chorizo”). Prices are very cheap, baguettes with very good size from 1,70 to 2,70 euros, pickled olives from 0,60 ,  “tapas” from 0,50 , wood barrel red wine from 0,70 and beer from 1 euro (2013 prices). Another characteristic in Villalobos is that they usually use brown paper to wrap baguettes instead of plates or dishes. 

It is worthy of merit to maintain a bar like a viable business, with a local and a menu as simple and sparse, and also getting recognition and sympathy of most people. 

Casa Villalobos since 1932
Villalobos  entry
Villalobos entry

Typical lunch in Villalobos
Typical lunch in Villalobos

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